Sabtu, 18 April 2015


Hai! How was your life? I hope all of you are good and excelent. In malay we always say selamat which means save in English. Such as Selamat Pagi which means Good Morning, and etc. Do you have experience on feeling unsave or unselamat in your everyday life? Unselamat is not uncle selamat in sitcom series that is very famous in early 2000, Spanar Jaya. At that time my heart really falls down to wardina safiyah. Hai kak misha, how are you now? Still with abang iskandar? Send my regards to Mat Rock ya.
Back to the topic. Unsave also could be define as unsecure. Everyday you wake up from sleep, you feel afraid to live your life. What I mean by afraid is, there are two condition of afraid. First you afraid to face the day because you have something to achive or you might lost something on the day. Second, you afraid the day will be the same day as yesterday and you are doing the same thing without any further success or achievement. When you give or receive the Selamat Pagi, literally it means, have a safe starting for the day or wish you will be good for today.
Sonetimes i have a thought that the unsave feeling is happen because of the unsecurerity feeling. You are being unsecure with your life or what you have in life. As i mention before afraid of losing something. Losing something can be refer as losing people that we love most, either he or she died or for me if he or she lost his/her trust towards you, you are absolutely losing them. to be continued....

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